What LSP is

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In principle, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) is a method to improve and promote communication and collaboration.
It facilitates awareness and problem-solving and is used for groups and teams.

The core of this method – what LSP is about
The idea behind LSP consists of three principles:

    • Knowledge building by building a concrete three-dimensional model
    • Thinking with concrete objects in contrast to abstract thinking
    • Use of hands as an extension of the brain

The Process in LSP
The processing of questions – using LSP – always follows the same process:

  1. Ask a question to the participants of the workshop
  1. Build a three-dimensional model as a response
  1. Explain the answer to the model
  1. Reflect / ask questions about the model

During a workshop with LSP, a facilitator certified in LSP leads the participants through a series of questions as each participant deals with the respective topic more and more intensively and more specifically. In response to the moderator’s questions, each participant builds a three- dimensional model using a number of preselected LEGO bricks. The answer to the questions will be explained by each participant using his model to communicate.
In fact the participant’s model serves as a basis for the exchange of ideas, the transfer of knowledge, problem-solving and decision-making.
So the focus is on this person’s knowledge and point of view in form of the model. The goal is to concentrate on the person’s model- not himself- which leads to a reduction of potential conflicts.