Why LSP works

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Isn’t that just play?

LSP is about serious playing similar to a soccer game. Serious play is chracterized by established rules, a competition among each other, intrinistic motivation and the experience of a flow feeling. The outcome oft the game is open and allows learning and growth.

The basis of LSP

    • Why playing is relevant?
      The leaning theories are based on the Constructivism of Jean Piaget and Constructionism of Seymour Papert. They present the opinon that knowledge can not simply be conveyed, but rather be actively designed. This means that different stimuli, together with the stimulation of the brain- comprehension and creation- lead to the best results. Knowledge is acquired step by step, on the basis of existing knowledge.
    • Thinking in 3D
      The difference between concrete thinking in 3D and abstract thinking can be exemplified by architecture. On the one hand, there is the drawn- out plan, on the other hand the model, which corresponds to the usual human point of view and is tangible.
      The three- dimensional model makes it much easier to develop a common understanding of building.
      In case of LSP, answers to questions are first constructed and then explained through the model. Thoughts are poured into models. The thoughts create the model. The model helps the builder to clarify his thoughts and make them visible to the other participants.
    • Benefit of hands as an extension of the brain
      When using LSP, one can observe that through the construction and the high connection of the brain and hands this knowledge is developed. For this reason there are two important rules during LSP workshops:

      • Trust your hands (because they know what the are doing).
      • Do not have a meeting with your hands before you start to build, but simply build.